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Parisa Rahmani

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Parisa Rahmani was born on November 1980 in Iran. She learned painting following her interest to painting from childhood by going to specialized arts classes. Earning prizes and top honors at the student's visual arts championship, gave her more motivation, effort and enthusiasm. She also obtained many experiment from good professors, she graduated in the field of painting and received a master of science in painting from the University of Art and Architecture in Tehran. Parisa has holed up 6 solo exhibitions and 10 group exhibitions and performances. Her latest solo exhibition was held in January 2018 at the Deolarósité Gallery in Montgomery, Paris, with great enthusiasm. Since 1391, Parisa has been manager in Negare Visual art institute and has trained a lot of students and has introduced them to artistic community.

Certified Instructor

Master of Science in the field of Painting from Faculty of Art and Architecture in Tehran University. Holding 6 solo exhibitions and 10 group exhibitions and performing performances Material and techniques used is Acrylic on canvas and collage on canvas and mix media and acrylic painting on canvas.